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The world is so pale next to you

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

The news of Jason Molina’s passing this weekend feels a bit like a punch in the stomach.

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Please excuse the rambling

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I feel detatched from my goals and who I am trying to become, from my work and studies and from my feelings and dreams.
The two things I want the most are splitting me apart, because they cannot be united yet for probably another handful of years. This is discouraging in some ways, because everything is uncertain, and I have to work really hard and focused, which has been on a bit of a downfall lately because of this splitting of my inner person. It used to be fine.

But if I do complete the first goal and keep my eyes on only that, maybe some day I will be able to live in the country side in a house that has just a bit of space and maybe a door that can close so I can think and I can walk along the coast or in the woods and feed horses and bake in a real kitchen and have a fire place and a dog and kids and a hand to hold.

I am realising that I cannot dream of both things at the same time, because when I dream of nature I can’t concentrate on chemistry and getting up on time and correcting spelling mistakes and taking out the trash and keep focuse on school applications. If I dream of a real kitchen, every time I step into the sorry excuse of one that is available to me, I immediately get discouraged.

One dream at a time. Or maybe it’s the weather. I will return with photos.

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Love is what they’ll get when they break up and join in Spleen United

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

While I upload my next roll of film from our week in western jutland last month, here’s something I’ve spent a few hours on already this past week (and nearly drove myself a little crazy): Open Song Project, by the Danish band Spleen United and Nokia. They are launching a new single on December 1st and this is how they’re doing it: on the website are a bunch of film/audio clips (see screenshots above), which you can play and pause at will to mix and record this upcoming song. The worst part? It’s really catchy. At the same time Nokia are launching their new Lumia phone, so all the clips were filmed with the phone.

Here’s my first attempt, and I suppose we can all agree I should not become a music producer! But here’s a tip to something I only noticed after my recording: You can use your keyboard to control the different clips you have got playing! I was fumbling around with the mouse, which was a bit of a pain. Click the Controls i-button in the bottom right corner and have fun! If you are a lot more awesome at it than me, you can win the new Nokia Lumia 920, so there’s always that, in case you’re in need of a new phone with a nice camera.

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There ain’t no entertainment and the judgements are severe

Monday, October 1st, 2012

So Calexico were pretty awesome the other night, but I wish I’d known about their FM4 radio session in Vienna with the ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester back in June – someone put up the entire thing here, and it’s beyond awesome. And this version of Waiting For the Miracle with Laura Gibson (for some reason also from Vienna) is a few points better than the one they played here in Copenhagen.

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Patti Smith, September 20th, 2012

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Patti Smith book signing September 20th, 2012

I walk up with my copy of Just Kids and Patti says, “hi”, and I say, “hello”, then, “thank you”, then, “can I photograph you while you’re signing?” and she says, “over there” and I go over there and take this photo. Then Patti says, “wait, where’d she go?”

Patti Smith book signing September 20th, 2012

Patti Smith book signing September 20th, 2012

And this happened and she shook my hand and wished me luck and I cried a little bit and that was one week ago.

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